Fire guts building in Ayutthaya world heritage site | Bangkok Post: news

Bangkok Post, 17 April 2017: An interpretive learning center on the grounds of Ayutthaya’s Wat Phra Sri Sanphet burned down last week. The cause is as yet unknown.

AYUTTHAYA – A fire has destroyed a traditional Thai-style structure in the Unesco World Heritage Site in this central province.

Source: Fire guts building in Ayutthaya world heritage site | Bangkok Post: news

New book looks at Ayutthaya from its economy

Bangkok Post, 16 April 2017: Silpaokorn University’s Prof Warangkana Nibhatsukit’s new book, “Ayutthaya History: Questions and Answers”. The book is in Thai.

Most people think of the Ayutthaya period in terms of its cultural heritage, but Warangkana Nibhatsukit’s latest book highlights the economic aspect of the ancient capital.

Source: The truth about Ayutthaya | Bangkok Post: news

Conserving the Old Capital

Bangkok Post, 13 April 2017

Tucked away between two rivers and only 76km north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya remains a popular destination for Thai and foreign tourists to learn about the history, art and culture of Thailand. Nonetheless, frequent visitors may want a new theme to explore Ayutthaya. The best yet lesser-known icon is the late Phraya Boran Ratchathanin, a pioneer of the conservation of Ayutthaya.

Source: Conserving the Old Capital | Bangkok Post: travel

Facial reconstruction of a woman from Pleistocene Thailand

A new paper from Antiquity presents a facial reconstruction of a woman found in Tham Lod, a Pleistocene site in northern Thailand.

Creating a facial appearance for individuals from the distant past is often highly problematic, even when verified methods are used. This is especially so in the case of non-European individuals, as the reference populations used to estimate the face tend to be heavily biased towards the average facial variation of recent people of European descent. To evaluate the problem, a facial approximation of a young woman from the Late Pleistocene rockshelter of Tham Lod in north-western Thailand was compared against the average facial variation of datasets from recent populations. The analysis indicated that the Tham Lod facial approximation was neither overtly recent in facial morphology, nor overtly European. The case is of particular interest as the Tham Lod individual probably belonged to a population ancestral to extant Australo-Melanesian peoples.

Source: A Late Pleistocene woman from Tham Lod, Thailand: the influence of today on a face from the past | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

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Villagers renovating long-abandoned temple in Nakhon Sawan

Villagers in Thailand’s Nakhon Sawan province attempt to revive an abandoned temple

NAKHON SAWAN — An old Buddhist temple, long abandoned and left to ruin, is being renovated by local people for use as a meditation centre, near Ban Nasan village in tambon Nong Kradon of Muang district.

Source: Villagers renovating long-abandoned temple | Bangkok Post: news

Amid more demolishing, panel set up to evaluate Mahakan fort homes

The community at the Mahakan Fort continue to have their houses razed, but at the same time a panel has been set up to evaluate the historical value of some of the remaining houses. It looks futile at this stage, since even if the houses are preserved the living community has been actively destroyed?

A 10-member panel will be formed to look into the historical value of the remaining houses in the Mahakan Fort Community to determine whether they should be preserved, says a source close to City Hall.

Source: Panel to appraise Mahakan fort homes | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

Weekend festival for Ayutthaya anniversaries

To celebrate the 666th anniversary of Ayutthaya Kingdom, an old capital of Thailand, and the 25th anniversary of Ayutthaya as a Unesco World Heritage Site, numerous activities under the theme of “Development In Accordance With The Footsteps Of Phraya Boran Ratchathanin” will be held by the Fine Arts Department and several public and private agencies at the Chantharakasem National Museum in Ayutthaya until Sunday.

Source: Remembering Ayutthaya | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

Trespassing vendors ordered out of old temple | Bangkok Post: news

After years, the government has taken sterner measures to evict illegal vendors from the grounds of an Ayutthaya-period temple.

AYUTTHAYA – Owners of 163 vending stalls encroaching on the ancient temple of Wihan Luang Phor Phramongkhon Bobhit have been given until the end of this month to dismantle them and move out.

Source: Trespassing vendors ordered out of old temple | Bangkok Post: news

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‘Insulting’ Thai palace soap opera angers Myanmar – BBC News

Worth noting because of the depictions of not-so-recent past, and also to raise awareness of historical sensitivities of Southeast Asian monarchies.

The drama appears to depict Burmese palace intrigue although producers say it is fictional.

Source: ‘Insulting’ Thai palace soap opera angers Myanmar – BBC News

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