Museo del Galeon to relive romance of the high seas

via Philippine Inquirer, 04 September 2017: The soft opening of the new Museo del Galeon in Manila, dedicated to the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade.

Former Senate president Edgardo J. Angara had called it an “executive preview” while the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) had termed it “a soft-opening,” but there was no doubt the whole affair sought to relive the romance of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade that historians now admit pioneered global inter-ocean trade as we know it now. […]

Source: Museo del Galeon to relive romance of the high seas | Inquirer lifestyle

Bagan survey counts 3,800 monuments

via Frontier Myanmar, 06 September 2017: A new survey of the Bagan monuments has identified 3,800 monuments.

A survey by the Association of Myanmar Architects has recorded 3,822 monuments at Bagan and the inventory has been handed to the Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture, the AMA told a news conference at its Yangon office on September 5.

“This scientifically-collected inventory could be helpful in the process for Bagan to become a UNESCO World Heritage site,” said U Sun Oo, the AMA president.

Preliminary research for the inventory, involving 300 architects who volunteered their time, began before the 2016 earthquake that seriously damaged many ancient temples and other monuments at Bagan, one of the country’s most popular pilgrimage and tourist destinations.

Source: Bagan survey counts 3,800 monuments | Frontier Myanmar

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Birthplace of Austronesians is Taiwan, capital was Taitung: Scholar

via Taitung News, 06 September 2017:

A growing number of scholars from various fields both domestically and abroad are coming to the conclusion that Taiwan is the birthplace of the Austronesian people and language family, and Academia Sinica scholar Liu I-chang (劉益昌) has taken this a step further by proposing that the nexus of this ancient culture 4,000 years ago was Taitung, reported CNA.

Liu yesterday participated in an experiment which demonstrated the seaworthiness of a replica of an ancient Amis bamboo raft that the indigenous Taiwanese tribe may have been capable of building 4,000 years ago. The boat was built based on records of such vessels prior to Japanese colonization in Taiwan and similar craft found in the Philippines and Vietnam half a century ago.

Source: Birthplace of Austronesians is Taiwan, capital was Taitung: Scholar | Taiwan News

Indian PM visits Ananda Temple in Bagan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to Myanmar last week to reaffirm the long and deep relations between the two countries. Part of his tour included a visit to the Ananda Temple of Bagan, where the Archaeological Survey of India is working to conserve and restore post earthquake.

PM today also visited Ananda Temple and paid his respect to the historical temple in Bagan.

Source: Modi Myanmar visit: PM arrives in Bagan, visits Ananda Temple – The Financial Express

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Saving Angkor Wat: Japanese historian honored for work

via Philippine Star, 03 September 2017: Congratulations to Prof Yoshiaki Ishizawa on being honoured for a Ramon Magsaysay award for his work in the preservation of Angkor.

A Japanese historian who devoted more than half of his life to helping Cambodians save Angkor Wat is one of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay awardees.

Source: Saving Angkor Wat: Japanese historian honored for work | Headlines, News, The Philippine Star |
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India cooperates with Myanmar on Bagan restoration

India commits to helping with the restoration and repair of some of the temples in Bagan.

Implementation of the project will further strengthen India’s enduring ties in culture and religion with Myanmar. It will also generate immense goodwill for India among the people of Myanmar due to the religious significance as well as the

Source: Cabinet approves MoU with Myanmar for the Conservation of Earthquake-Damaged Pagodas at Bagan | Business Standard News
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36 Bagan pagodas to be repaired by 2019

via Eleven Myanmar, 29 August 2017:

Repairs to 36 pagodas in Bagan that were damaged by an earthquake last year are due to completed by 2019, according to the Religious and Cultural Affairs Ministry.

The 36 pagodas are on the priority list for repairs. At least 20 of them are expected to be repaired by the end of this year, the ministry added.

Source: 36 Bagan pagodas to be repaired by 2019 | Eleven Myanmar