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The royal urns of Nguyen Vietnam

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25 November 2007 (Thanh Nien News) – Anyone visiting the imperial city of Hue shouldn’t miss a trip to the The Mieu temple, where these nine royal urns are displayed. The urns, one cast for each of the Nguyen kings (1802-1945), represent the pinnacle of bronze casting technology – and we know that the region of Vietnam has been home to a bronze casting tradition that dates thousands of years!

Thanh Nien News, 25 Nov 2007

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Fossil of common ancestor found in Burma


It’s the news like these that reminds us about how much more there is to know about human evolution. This time, an exciting fossil discovery of the jawbone and teeth of an extinct primate species has been found near Bagan, in Myanmar. The now-dubbed Ganlea megacanina was a common ancestor to humans and apes who lived 38 million years ago. The added significance of the date is that it lends support to the thesis that the common ancestor of humans and apes came not from Africa, but perhaps from Asia instead. I’ll expect we’ll revisit this idea in time to come, until more fossils are found – if they can survive this long.

Myanmar fossil may shed light on evolution

AP, 02 July 2009

A new primate from the Eocene Pondaung Formation of Myanmar and the monophyly of Burmese amphipithecids
Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 01 July 2009
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Wednesday Rojak #50: The Cambodian Dinosaur edition


Rojak turns 50! Not that it has been 50 weeks since I first started this since I’ve missed quite a few weeks due to travels or sheer forgetfulness -it’s more like one and a half years. This week, we feature quite a few stories from Southeast Asia like the Cambodian dinosaur found on the walls of Ta Prohm (first featured in an earlier rojak) as well as several related to the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday.

aizu evolution
photo credit: neys

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Roxanna Brown and the art fraud mystery

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What kind of royal screw-up led to Roxanna Brown’s death? Details of the ill-fated detention of the esteemed Dr Brown is recounted in the Seattle Times, with disturbing and sad revelations over how she was denied medical care and attention which led to her untimely and unnecessary death. (Thanks to Black Rose Press for the link)

Was Roxanna Brown an Art-World Fraud?
Seattle Times, 29 October 2008
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