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Seminar on the Pyu raises ethnic tensions

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A recent seminar on the archaeology of the Pyu, a group of city-states located in central Myanmar, raises some controversy because of suggestions that they once dominated the Mon city-states of lower Myanmar. This tension between the relations between the Pyu and Mon people have led to calls for better research into the archaeology of the Mon and the Pyu.

Excavations at Sru Ksetra, Myanmar Time 20121210

Excavations at Sru Ksetra, Myanmar Time 20121210

Pyu seminar restarts Mon debate
Myanmar Times, 10 December 2012
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The human race from proto-Malays? Prove it.


Sometimes a story appears that is so stupid, so inane, that you just have to rant about it. The Malaysian Insider, an online newspaper, today published a story about how some archaeologists have claimed through their “scientific” studies that they have traced the lineage of humankind to the proto-Malay race. This is total bull.

Study claims human race came from Proto-Malays
The Malaysian Insider, 20 January 2012
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Discover Jakarta's History

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29 August 2007 (Jakarta Post) – If you’re in the Indonesian capital this month, do take a stop over the Jakarta History Museum to discover the history of the city in this month-long exhibition. This article also gives a good overview on the history of Jakarta.

Jakarta Post, 29 Aug 2007

Museum visitors get chance to explore open history book
Mustaqim Adamrah

Most Jakartans have only a sketchy idea of the seminal events of their city’s history, which is why the Jakarta History Museum in Kota, West Jakarta, is presenting an exhibition that helps visitors “fill in the gaps” and rediscover the past.

“Many of the older people living in Jakarta come from places outside the city. They come here to work, looking for money, and go back to where they belong when they get enough,” museum head R. M. Manik said Tuesday after the exhibition opening.

“That’s why so few Jakartans have more than a fleeting impression of the capital’s history,” he said.

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