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The APSARA Authority announced several major renovations to happen at Angkor Wat in 2017, following considerations from the latest International Coordinating Committee for Angkor meeting earlier this month. The announcement focused on a plan to restore the ceiling of the Churning of the Milk Sea gallery.

Angkor Wat. Source: Phnom Penh Post 20151203

Angkor Wat. Source: Phnom Penh Post 20151203

Apsara announces Angkor restoration plans
Phnom Penh Post, 03 December 2015

Angkor Wat is to receive significant new restorations in 2017, according to the Apsara Authority, which manages the historic temple complex.

The announcement came following yesterday’s 24th session of the International Coordinating Committee for Angkor (ICC-Angkor) at which conservation, restoration, sustainable development and tourism were discussed.

Long Kosal, an Apsara Authority spokesman, said that the meeting focused on a plan to replace an original wooden ceiling on the monumental bas-relief known as the “Churning of the Sea of Milk Gallery” at the east of the temple.

“We have discussed putting the wooden ceiling back for a few years, and today we received approval from the ICC experts,” he said. Kosal explained that this first effort to replace the wooden structure will be based on an ancient fragment from Angkor Wat now held at the Guimet Museum is Paris.

Full story here.

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