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A new study centre on the archaeology of volcanoes will be built in Yogyakarta, to study the effects of the eruptions of Mount Merapi on local communities.

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Yogyakarta to build volcano archaeology study center
Jakarta Post, 28 July 2015

Yogya to establish learning center for volcanology, archaeology
Jakarta Post, 30 July 2015

The government is set to build a volcano archaeology study center from which people can get information about the history of temples buried by Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, a culture conservation official has said.

“People can learn from the study center that Mt. Merapi’s eruptions have had an impact on local communities since thousands of years ago,” Wahyu Astuti, the head of cultural heritage protection, development and exploitation division at the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency (BPCB) Yogyakarta, told, on Tuesday.

She said the government planned to build the volcano archaeology study center on the Kedulan Temple complex in Kedulan village, Tirtomartani, Sleman.

Kedulan Temple, a Hindu temple which is around 7 meters high and covers an area of 144 square meters, was built around 9 AD. The temple which has three ‘perwara’ or literary means ‘companion’ temples on its east side is located around 25 kilometers in southern side of Mt.Merapi.

Full stories here and here.

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