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The underwater archaeology circles have been abuzz over the discovery of the wreck of the Japanese warship Musashi from Philippine waters. Preliminary examination of the wreckage suggests that the ship was torpedoed and exploded under water. Many of the news stories listed below also have videos attached to them, so get check them out for the underewater footage.

One of the anchors of the Musashi. Source: Paul Allen, via CNN

One of the anchors of the Musashi. Source: Paul Allen, via CNN

Microsoft co-founder says he’s discovered long-lost Japanese battleship
CNN, 04 March 2015

Philippines not told of battleship Musashi search
ABS-CBN, 06 March 2015

‘Ship won’t be raised’
Tempo, 08 March 2015

How Microsoft Billionaire Found Largest Sunken Battleship
National Geographic, 09 March 2015

Japanese battleship exploded underwater
AP, via Leader Post, 14 March 2015

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says he has found the wreck of a long-lost World War II Japanese battleship near the Philippines.

The philanthropist posted images on Twitter that appeared to show the Musashi, once one of the two largest warships in the world. The discovery was made aboard his superyacht, the MY Octopus, as part of an expedition that Allen launched.

The search has taken Allen and his team of researchers more than eight years.

The images and video were taken by an unmanned submersible deployed from the vessel.

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