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Myanmar’s Department of Archaeology and the National Library is making an open call for the public to help preserve the murals of Bagan. For starters, it means that visitors should not physically touch them!

Ananda Temple in Bagan. Source: TTR Weekly 20150302

Ananda Temple in Bagan. Source: TTR Weekly 20150302

Bagan murals need restoring
TTR Weekly, 02 March 2015

Myanmar’s Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library has called on the public to pitch in and help to preserve hand-painted murals in temples near Bagan.

The department’s deputy general director, Thein Lwin, told Irrawaddy media that the department, works under the Ministry of Culture and has received support from several foreign organisations and the UN cultural body, UNESCO to start the restorations.

“However, as there are more than 400 pagodas [housing murals], it is not easy for us to take care of them within our annual budget. There has been international assistance, but it is still not enough,” he said adding people interested in restoration can make contributions.

Full story here.

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