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Replicas of human skeletons found in Taiwan are being displayed at the Taiwan National Museum of History until January.

Liang Islander Fossils. Source: Focus Taiwan 20141211

Liang Islander Fossils. Source: Focus Taiwan 20141211

Replicas of Taiwan’s earliest human fossils to go on display Friday
Focus Taiwan, 11 December 2014

Replicas of Liang Islander fossils, two ancient human skeletons excavated from Taiwan’s outlying Matsu Islands, will go on display Friday in Taipei.

“The Liang Islander and Prehistoric Culture of Matsu Islands” exhibition at the National Museum of History will feature replicas of the skeletons, as well as tools made from animal bones, pottery and stoneware discovered at the same archaeological site as the skeletons.

The museum said it hopes the exhibition, which will run until Jan. 25 next year, will help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the Liang Islanders and Matsu Islands.

In late 2011, an archaeology team from Academia Sinica discovered a skeleton at a historic site on Liang Island, one of several islets that comprise the Matsu archipelago off the coast of China’s Fujian Province.

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