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I don’t read Khmer, and I ran this story through Google Translate, but it seems that a number of inscriptions have been discovered on Phnom Tbeng Meanchey in Preah Vihear province. Corrections, translations and clarifications welcome!

Inscriptions on Phnom Tbeng Source: Everyday.com.kh 20140818

Inscriptions on Phnom Tbeng Source: Everyday.com.kh 20140818

ភ្នំ​ត្បែងមានជ័យ, អាថ័កំបាំងដែល មិនទាន់ទម្លាយ​
Everyday.com, 18 August 2014
Article is in Khmer

Update: Alison provides a short translation in the comments below.

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  1. Here’s what I can glean from the article.

    -First the full name of the site is Phnom Tbeng Meanchey
    -They are describing a trip to the site from 2012
    -There are a couple inscriptions, one is 1.27 meters by ០.87 meters the other is 1.27 meters, but part of this one was erased (?)
    -They seem to be in Sanskrit and I think that they are not newly discovered, as they mention inventory numbers for the inscriptions (Ka. 725 and Ka. 726), but I haven’t had any luck finding info on those numbers.
    -The inscriptions seem to be Angkorian and that mountain has been an important/sacred site for a long time, a place of meditation etc.

    I could be misunderstanding some of this, hopefully a native speaker can correct me and add some additional information!

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