Conference: The Future of Preservation


An upcoming conference in Singapore of possible interest to readers.

The Future of Preservation
10 – 11 September 2014, 9 am – 6 pm
Organised by: Preservation of Sites and Monuments of the National Heritage Board
Venue: National Museum of Singapore
Registration Fee: $20

“The Future of Preservation” is a 2-day conference organised by the Preservation of Sites and Monuments division of the National Heritage Board, involving international speakers and an ASEAN panel.
Distinguished professionals and practitioners with expertise in the field of preservation will share different key approaches and principles that govern best practice, issues of authenticity and integrity, sustainability, and use of technology. The importance of intangible heritage, the place of memory and the role of partners and stakeholders will also be discussed.

Key Speakers:
Dr Stefano de Caro (Director-General, ICCROM)
Dr Birgitta Ringbeck (Advisor to the Minister, Multilateral Culture and Media Policy / World Heritage, Germany)
Dato Zuraina Majid (Commissioner for Heritage, Malaysia)
Dr Eric Zerrudo (Director of the UST Center for Conservation of Cultural Property and the Environment in the Tropics and Director-Consultant of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Philippines)
Mr Didier Repellin (Chief Architect for Historic Monuments, France)
Dr Marina Sokhan (Head of Conservation, City and Guilds of London Art School)
Ms Jennifer Dinsmore (Halahan Associates Conservation Consultant, City and Guilds of London Art School)
Mr Mok Wei Wei (Managing Director, W Architects Pte Ltd)
Mr Jean-Francois Milou (Principal Architect and Lead Partner, StudioMilou Architecture)
Mr Garth Sheldon (Managing Director, Architectural Restoration Consultants Pte Ltd)

The Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces

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Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces

I had originally featured this website six years ago, but it’s had a (relatively) recent revamp that is worth highlighting here. The Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces brings together some amazing pieces from museums not just in Southeast Asia, but the rest of wider Asia.

Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces

Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces

The website was originally a project by the Asia Europe Museum Network, and has now grown to include contributions from 120 museums. Check out the virtual collection here, and also their Facebook page here.

Eighth Lapita Conference

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The announcement is out for the 8th Lapita Conference to be held next year in Vanuatu.

Eighth Lapita Conference
Date: 5 – 10 July 2015
Venue: Port Vila, Vanuatu

For the Eighth conference we want in the formal sessions to get back to Lapita ‘basics’ and the original intention of the Lapita conference series to focus on Lapita itself, as well as what came immediately before and immediately after it in the Western Pacific. There are now several conference series which cover Pacific prehistory more generally and specialist conferences have also been held on other related matters such as cultural heritage. We see no reason to replicate these with this series. We appreciate that many Pacific archaeologists who do not themselves work on Lapita-related topics directly will want to attend and so we have for the first time in the Lapita conference series instituted a major poster session that allows for other recent Pacific research to be presented that is not otherwise catered for in the program. We hope that the poster session will become a staple of future Lapita conferences as well, allowing the active participation of the entire Pacific archaeology community.

Public Lecture: Buddhism and religious practices in Burma and Thailand

Power and Protection by Alexandra Green

Readers in Singapore may be interested in this talk at the Asian Civilisations Museum by Dr Alexandra Green.

Power and Protection: Buddhism and religious practices in Burma and Thailand
Alexandra Green, British Museum
Date: 05 August 2014
Time: 1900 hrs
Venue: Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore

Power and Protection by Alexandra Green

Power and Protection by Alexandra Green

RIP Prof. Bill Solheim II

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From Dr Jack Medrana on the IPPA Facebook page:

After 90 colorful years of his life, National Geographic’s “Mr. Southeast Asia” has finally come to rest. The UP-ASP and the whole Southeast Asian community of archaeologists will surely miss you, Prof. Wilhelm “Bill” Solheim II.

Prof. Solheim’s remains lie at Colossians Chapel, St. Peter – Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Philippines starting today, July 26, 2014 at 13:00.