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Phnom Bakheng is one of the World Monuments Funds’ 50th Anniversary priority projects.

Phnom Bakheng

Heritage Fund Plans Phnom Bakheng Restoration Work
Cambodia Daily, 20 June 2014

World Monuments Fund Phnom Bakheng Project

The New York-based World Monuments Fund has listed the pre-Angkorian Phnom Bakheng temple in Siem Reap province as a global priority for maintenance work and the establishment of crowd-control measures to avoid irreparable damages.

The WMF said in a statement, which was released to mark its 50th anniversary, that it is now seeking donations to help complete the latest phase of its 25-year investment in the temple.

The program has so far involved training local staff to restore certain parts of the hilltop temple.

“The temple’s popularity as a destination for panoramic sunset views over Angkor Wat has resulted in the need for a sustainable tourism component to the project in order to ensure minimal damage from visitors,” the statement says.

Full story here.

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