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Vietnam’s Ho Citadel in Thanh Hoa Province was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011, but there is a conflict now between the authorities and the people living in the protected buffer zone over illegal construction.

The Ho Citadel. Source: Viet Nam News 20140608

The Ho Citadel. Source: Viet Nam News 20140608

Ho Citadel the site of a modern conflict
Viet Nam News, 08 June 2014

A relic of the Ho dynasty (1400-1407), the Ho Citadel has been recognised as a World Culture Heritage site by UNESCO since 2011. Restoration of the relic, however, faces the dilemma of complying with the rules on protecting the heritage while meeting the demand for earning a livelihood by local people.

The citadel, mentioned in Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu (the Complete Annals of the Great Viet), was built during the reign of King Tran Thuan Tong (1379) by Prime Minister Ho Quy Ly, who acceded to the throne in 1400.

Covered over 155 hectares, the citadel composes of the Inner Citadel, the La Thanh outer wall and the Nam Giao Altar, which is surrounded by a buffer zone of 5,078 hectares pertaining to Vinh Loc District in the northern central province of Thanh Hoa.

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