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Next year’s Society for American Archaeology meeting in San Francisco will have a panel on the Settlement Archaeology of Southwest China and Southeast Asia. Deadline for abstracts is 1 August 2014.

SAA 80th Annual Meeting
San Francisco, California
April 15-19, 2015

Recent Advances in the Settlement Archaeology of Southwest China and Southeast Asia
Since the beginnings of archaeological research in Southwest China and Southeast Asia, the focus has largely been on burial material. Whereas the burial customs, personal decoration, and weapon and tool assemblages that accompanied the deceased are by now fairly well known, the world of the living is far less well explored. During the last few years, however, there has been increasing interest in the settlement archaeology of the region, and a considerable number of field projects throughout Southwest China and Southeast Asia have greatly advanced our understanding of the daily lives of prehistoric and early historic inhabitants of the area. This session assembles papers that introduce some of the results of these research projects, providing an overview of our current knowledge in this field and pointing out new avenues of research.

If you are interested in being part of this panel, please send a short note and a preliminary presentation title to either Alison Carter ( or Anke Hein ( by August 1.

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