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Le Dynasty woman excavated near Hanoi

Archaeologists excavate the burial of a 300-year-old mummified woman from a village near Hanoi. The pictures in the article show the opening of the actual coffin, so be warned if you are squeamish!

Le Dynasty unearthed near Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20131213

Le Dynasty unearthed near Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20131213

In pictures: Ancient tomb excavated in Hanoi
Vietnam Net, 13 December 2013

Thousands of curious people came to the field of Phu My village in Ngoc My commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi, on December 10 to see the excavation of a 300-year tomb.

The excavation of the ancient tombs dating back approximately 300 years was conducted on the afternoon of December 10, led by famous archaeologist – Dr. Nguyen Lan Cuong from the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology.

The ancient tomb was discovered on the afternoon of December 7 by a group of workers who were building a road and an irrigation work in Phu My.

This group of workers exposed three coffins, including two normal wooden coffins and a special one with two layers and spreading the scent of attar.

Full story here.

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