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Archaeology professor calls for special fund to protect Malaysian sites

Prof Mokhtar Saidin from Universiti Sains Malaysia (disclosure: I used to be a student at USM some years ago) has called for a special fund to be set up by the Malaysian Federal Government to help preserve heritage sites, in the wake of the destruction of the Bujang Valley candi that came to light last week (see here, here and here).

Archaeologist calls for special fund to conserve heritage sites
Malaysian Insider, 07 December 2013

An archaeologist has called on Putrajaya to put in more effort in preserving the nation’s heritage sites, saying that a special fund is needed for conservation work.

Professor Mokhtar Saidin of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) told The Malaysian Insider: “When archaeologists finish their research and excavations, they return the sites to the landowner like the state.

“Preserving and conserving the sites after that is important and they involve long-term maintenance that cost money. A special fund for such purpose is important.”

Full story here.

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