Nazi sub wreck found off Java

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via the Daily Telegraph, 20 November 2013

THE wreckage of a German World War II submarine has been found off Indonesia’s Java island, an archaeologist says.

Archaeologists explored the wreckage of the submarine last week in the Java Sea following information from fishermen, said Adhityatama Shinatria, a diver from Indonesia’s National Centre of Archaeological Research.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, 20 November 2013

Preah Vihear: ICJ rules in favour of Cambodia

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Book on Singapore archaeology to be launched today

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Today, NUS Press will launch the book Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300-1800 by Prof. John Miksic who as many of you will know has been working on the archaeology of the city state for decades.

Beneath the modern skyscrapers of Singapore lie the remains of a much older trading port, prosperous and cosmopolitan and a key node in the maritime Silk Road. This book synthesizes 25 years of archaeological research to construct the 14th-century port of Singapore in greater detail than is possible for any other Southeast Asian city. The picture that emerges is of a port where people processed raw materials, used money, and had specialized occupations. Within its defensive wall, the city was well organized and prosperous, with a cosmopolitan population that included residents from China, other parts of Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean. Fully illustrated, with more than 300 maps and color photos, Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea presents Singapore’s history in the context of Asia’s long-distance maritime trade in the years between 1300 and 1800: it amounts to a dramatic new understanding of Singapore’s precolonial past.

Buy the book here.