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Japanese collector dies in Vietnam, leaves behind large bronze collection

The story of Shoichiro Wada, a Japanese collector of antiquities based in Ho Chi Minh City whp recently passed away, leaving behind a large collection of bronzes.

The late Shoichiro Wada, Viet Nam News 20130807

The late Shoichiro Wada, Viet Nam News 20130807

Collector leaves bronze legacy
Viet Nam News, 07 August 2013

Japanese artefact collector Shoichiro Wada died on July 29. Since then, the museum he built in HCM City, Huyen Thoai Cham (Champa Myth), has not been open to the public. Viet Nam News presents an article about him written by Dr Nguyen Viet, director of the Centre for Southeast Asian Prehistory, that was published in The Thao & Van Hoa (Sports & Culture) newspaper.

In 2002, when I came back from a business trip in Switzerland, Dr Pham Duc Manh, head of the Archaeology Department at the HCM City National University, introduced me to “an old Japanese man who has some very original bronze statues”.

Mr Wada showed me his huge and strange collection. He came to my house by taxi and took me to a storehouse 10km from the centre of the city. I was amazed to see hundreds of big bronze statues, some weighing up to several tones. I then began to respect and admire his efforts, his courage and his passionate love for Viet Nam’s antiques in particular and of Southeast Asia in general.

Full story here.

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