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RIP Mike Morwood, one of the discoverers of the Hobbit

We received sad news yesterday – the passing of Professor Mike Morwood, one of the discoverers of Homo floresiensis aka the ‘Hobbit’, one of the most startling hominin discoveries of the century. His passing is deeply felt by the archaeological community in Australia and he will be sadly missed.

Professor Mike Morwood

Professor Mike Morwood

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A colleague, Jacqueline Matthews is also keeping track of the story and you can follow her storify feed here.

Colleagues of influential rock art researcher Mike Morwood have described his passing as a sad day for the archaeological community.

Mike Morwood was best known for his discovery of an ancient, dwarf-like species of pre-humans, known as “the Hobbit”, on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Professor Morwood had more recently been working with traditional owners analysing rock art on the Mitchell Plateau in Western Australia.

He died this week after a battle with cancer. He was 82.

Full story here.

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