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Archaeological sites in Sri Lanka see continued problems from tourists defacing sites and paying insufficient respect to sacred sites.

Sri Lanka Sunday Times 20130407

Sri Lanka Sunday Times 20130407

Little security at archaeological sites see continued defacing and lack of respect
Sri Lanka Sunday Times, 07 April 2013

Since the defacing of the historic archaeological site at Sigiriya, more cases of defacing sites of archaeological interests are being reported -the Lion’s Paw at the Sigiriya was recently defaced by a group of students. The latest desecrations are reported from Polonnaruwa Watadage where the Palace of Parakramabahu the Great built in 12 AD still stands proud.

The palace also known as Wyjayantha Prasadhaya, is said to have been seven stories tall and consisted of 1,000 rooms. Unfortunately, not all who visit the site understand its value and significance.

Full story here.

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