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The Thai Fine Arts Department intends to instate new measures, such as new protection statuses for sites and education programmes to help prevent the destruction of sites not yet on the heritage register.

Department to educate public on preserving ancient sites
The Nation, 31 January 2013

More than 10 ancient sites in Thailand had been destroyed in the past 30 years, including some by building encroachments on the Ayutthaya Historical Park and World Heritage Site, Fine Arts deputy chief Anek Sihamas said yesterday.

In Bangkok, too, buildings of architectural value had been pulled down, he said.

As a result, the department would educate the public about the value of ancient sites and revive projects for local volunteers to work on art and culture heritage conservation, Anek said.

Department chief Sahawat Naenna said 2,000 out of Thailand’s 8,000 ancient sites had been registered for protection. The rest were still in the process because the department could register only about 100-150 sites each year. Consequently many unprotected sites were being destroyed.

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