More Bagan temples open for sunrise and sunset

It’s probably a sign of increased tourist visitors – five more temples in Bagan have been opened up for sunrise and sunset views.

Drifting over a forest of pagodas (Bagan, Myanmar)

More temples open for Bagan sunrise and sunset views
Eleven Myanmar, 29 January 2013

The terraces of five more of Bagan’s more than 2,200 ancient temples have been opened for visitors to watch sunsets and sunrises over the historic area, an official from the Department of Archaeology said.

They are Ywar Haung Gyi, Thitsarwaddy, Thagyarhit, Taung Guni and Myauk Guni temples. Tourists had been climbing the terraces of the last two even before they were added to the list, the official said.

Full story here.

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