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The hunt for Spitfires in Myanmar

Earlier this month a group of researchers from the UK went to Myanmar to look for buried Spitfire planes from World War II. Here’s a list of news links related to the story – the latest development is that the crew have found some waterlogged crates that may contain the planes, but excavations are hampered because they are lying beneath electric cables.

The Project Spitfire Blog

Myanmar Spitfire hunter still optimistic
Bangkok Post, 18 January 2013

Myanmar Spitfire hunters say search has hit snag
Salon.com, via AP, 18 January 2013

Burmese Spitfire Hunt Leads to Water-filled Crate
The Irrawady, 10 January 2013

David Cundall leads Burma archaeology team in search for buried World War II spitfires
Culture 24, 09 January 2013

Crate find lifts hopes of Spitfire hunters
Bangkok Post, 09 January 2013

Dig for Spitfires begins
TRWeekly, via AFP, 08 January 2013

British team in Burma begin lost Spitfire hunt
BBC News, 07 January 2013

British Spitfire Search Team Arrives in Burma
The Irrawady, via AP, 06 January 2013

British team flies to Myanmar for buried Spitfire planes
Channel NewsAsia, via AFP, 05 January 2013

WWII Spitfires digging team leaves for Burma
BBC News, 05 January 2013

Spitfires hunted in Myanmar
Bangkok Post, 05 January 2013

Mission heads to Burma to unearth hidden Spitfires
The Guardian, 04 January 2013

Spitfire Planes Buried In Burmese Jungle At End Of Second World War To Be Located By British Team
Huffington Post UK, 04 January 2013

Briton heads for Burma to start dig for Spitfires
Evening Standard, 04 January 2013

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