What is thought to be the first privately-run museum in central Vietnam opens it doors, showcasing various artifacts from Vietnam’s past.

Chu Lai Museum, Vietnam Net 20120401

Chu Lai Museum, Vietnam Net 20120401

Antiquities at Chu Lai Museum
Viet Nam Net, 01 April 2012

Thousands of Vietnamese antiques from the 18th to 19th centuries and hundreds of Cham cultural items are exhibited at the Chu Lai Museum in the central province of Quang Nam.

The museum is built on five hectares in Tam Nghia commune, Nui Thanh district. This is the first private museum in this region.

The museum’s owner – Mr. Pham Xuan Long – says that he collected these antiques for nearly 40 years. Some items are worth millions of USD. “There are antiques that you cannot buy with money. There are items that I offered very high prices, but owners refused to sell until I told them that I bought the items to exhibit in my future museum. It turned out that they were afraid that I would sell antiques overseas,” Mr. Long says.

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