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A shark curry dinner in Malaysia turns up an unexpected find – a Portuguese medallion that is thought to date to the 13th century!

Portuguese artefact from a shark. The Star, 20120222

Portuguese artefact from a shark. The Star, 20120222

Woman finds ancient artifact in baby shark
The Star, 22 February 2012

A baby shark being prepared for lunch gave a family here a big surprise – an ancient artifact believed to be dated long before the Portuguese conquest of Malacca.

Housewife Suseela Menon, from Klebang, made the priceless discovery while filleting the fish for lunch.

It is believed to be a medallion worn by the Portuguese soldiers, presumably as a divine protection, during their conquests in this part of the world in the 16th century.

One side of the medallion is a profile of a woman’s head with a crown and encircled by a halo and an inscription that is unclear.

Full story here.

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