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The remains of a sculpture workshop has been discovered in near the Bakong in Angkor, giving insight to the tools and methods used in building the sculptures and monuments of Angkor. (Thanks to Dr Martin Polkinghorne for the heads up)

Bakong, Angkor Complex, Cambodia
photo credit: Olga Oslina

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Phnom Penh Post, 08 December 2011

A team of archaeologists from the University of Sydney and the Apsara Authority has been exploring the site of an ancient sculpture workshop found near Bakong, one of the earliest Angkorian-era temples.

The workshop is one of three that have so far been discovered within the Angkor Archeological Park, and the team hopes that it will give them a deeper insight into the unknown artists.

‘The history of Angkor is still being written’, said Dr Martin Polkinghorne from the University of Sydney, ‘And our understandings are rapidly changing. What we’re learning from the workshops is making an important contribution to the story.’

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