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Archaeologists in Vietnam discover the remains of an 11th century tower, the Dam Pagoda.

Dam Pagoda in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam News 20111109

11th-century stone tower excavated in Bac Ninh
Vietnam News, 09 November 2011

The foundation of an 11th-century stone tower has been unearthed at Dam Pagoda in the northern city of Bac Ninh, 30km northeast of Ha Noi, revealing complex features of Buddhist architecture of the period.

Located on the southern side of Lam Son Mountain, construction of Dam Pagoda was begun in 1086 under the reign of Ly Nhan Tong and completed in 1094. It was one of the leading examples of Buddhist architecture in the north during the Tran (1225-1400) and Le (1428-1788) dynasties. In the Tran dynasty, the pagoda consisted of 12 buildings while in the Le dynasty, it was expanded to over 100 rooms.

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