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A case where 80 gold artefacts were stolen from a museum in Yogyakarta have been referred to Interpol, as it is believed that the artefacts have been smuggled out of the country and sold.

Gold artefacts stolen; Interpol assistance requested
Jakarta Post, 21 January 2011

Pencurian Koleksi Emas Sonobudoyo Gelap
Kompas.com, 11 January 2011
(In Bahasa Indonesia)

Yogyakarta Police says it has asked the International Police to help investigate the theft of 80 gold artefacts from the Sonobudoyo museum collection.

Police detective Syaiful Anwar said Thursday the international police assistance was needed in case the stolen items were smuggled abroad, kompas.com reported.

The collection, which was stolen last August, included a gold mask, 19 gold plates, a gold statue and jewelry.

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