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The Malaysian Museums department announced their intention to study the Bunga Emas tributes gifted by the Sultanate of Kedah to to King of Siam from the 19th century to the early 20th centuries. Bunga Emas or ‘gold flowers’ were sculptures of a flowering tree made from gold and were traditionally sent as tributes by the Malay kingdoms.

Replica Bunga Emas from Alor Museum, Alor Star. The Star, 20101207

Museum Dept to have a closer look at Bunga Emas in Bangkok
The Star, 07 December 2010

The Kedah Museum Department will send its officers to the Grand Palace in Bangkok to take a closer look at Bunga Emas (Gold Flowers) and Bunga Perak (Silver Flowers) that were presented as gifts or tributes by the Kedah Sulatan to the Siamese King from 1821 to 1906

The tributes were first sent during the rule of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Halim Shah II, the 22nd Sultan of Kedah, to the Siamese monarch then.

Throughout the period, a total of 32 pairs of bunga emas and perak were sent to Thailand, each about 1.5m tall and are believed to be kept in the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Department director Suhaidi Shukri said the department had contacted Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok for help to enter the Grand Palace.

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