Indian president 'mesmerised' by Angkor Wat

Indian president Pratibha Devisingh Patil expressed her admiration of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat in a recent visit.
photo credit: ND Strupler

President Patil mesmerized by Angkor Wat, advocates cultural exchange
Asian News International, via India Talkies, 17 September 2010
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Majapahit site to be left 'neglected'

After having come under fire for the collapsed tentage, authorities have decided to leave the Majapahit site open to the elements and instead reinvest the money into building better museum facilities.

Majapahit Site Left Neglected
Tempo Interaktif, 17 September 2010
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No money to save 7th century Indonesian ship

The lack of funds is threatening efforts to save and preserve the remains of a 7th century ship found in Central Java. The ship is the oldest known ship found in Indonesia and possibly Southeast Asia.

Maritime Museum Plan Runs Aground, Threatening Nation’s Oldest Known Ship
Jakarta Globe, 16 September 2010
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Vietnam's museum storage woes

Any regular reader of this site would realise that the Vietnamese media reports a great deal of the archaeological goings-on in the country. But where do all the artefacts from these various excavations go to? It seems that many museums in Vietnam are suffering from an acute shortage in storage space, to the point that many collections are stored in warehouses. Some artefacts haven’t seen the light of day for over 40 years!

Artefacts housed in warehouse, Vietnam Net Bridge 14 Sep 2010

Absentee museums warehouse their treasures
Vietnam Net Bridge, 14 September 2010
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Vietnamese cave show signs of Neolithic habitation

Archaeologists have discovered a cave showing signs of habitation during the Neolithic period 7,000-8,000 years ago.

Cave served as home of early human found
Viet Nam News, 13 September 2010
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Archaeological survey of India to renovate Vat Phou

Vat Phou, a Khmer temple in Laos, is set to be renovated with the help of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Vat Phou, Laos. Wikicommons image

India to renovate 11th century Shiva Temple in Laos [Link no longer available]
Laos, via ANI, 10 September 2010
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Call for Papers: CUHK Current Asian Anthropology Postgraduate Forum

The City University of Hong Kong is holding a student forum in January 2011 for postgraduates researching Asian anthropology. Deadline for applications is on October 1!

More details here.

Steps taken to preserve remains of razed prehistoric earthwork site

An update about the Cambodian prehistoric earthwork site that was flattened last week by unauthorised construction works – the authorities have stepped in to work with the land owners so that the planned buildings can be moved elsewhere, while efforts are bing made to also cordon off the area because archaeological material can still be recovered from the site.

Cambodian Authorities Rally to Protect Historical Site, 10 September 2010
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