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A national history and culture study group based in Talungagung, east Java, have handed over to the government some 157 fossils excavated at the end of last year. The fossils include various shell and bone remains.

Hundreds of Ancient Fossils Handed to Government
Tempo Interaktif, 12 April 2010

The Tulungagung branch of the National History and Culture Study Group (KS2B) has submitted 157 ancient remains or Kjokken Maddinger to the government. These fossils are the only clue to uncovering the first human being in the world.

KS2B chief Triono said the pre-historic relics have been kept in his home which also serves as the KS2B office. Besides being used as material for history courses at local high schools, these fossils are being researched by historians in Tulungagung. “For security reasons, we have moved them to the Regional Government’s Rescue Hall,” Triono told Tempo in Monday.

The items believed to be relics of primitive people consist of 41 presumed bone fossils, 24 coral reef fossils, and 92 gastropod fossils. They were found by Triono and his associates in Bolu village in Ngepo, Tulungagung, at the end of 2009. The fossils were spread around the hill area far from local homes.

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