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Chinese archaeologists receive approval to search an 800-year-old shipwreck, the Nanhai No. 1, for more artifacts. The wreck is currently in a sealed pool in the Marine Silk Road Museum at China’s Guangdong Province. Artifacts already recovered from the shipwreck show that China was taking part in international trade with the other side of the old world.

Ancient shipwreck to be trawled for treasures
China Daily, 22 June 2009

Marine archaeologists have been given the green light to recover more ancient artifacts from the Nanhai No 1, a merchant vessel shipwrecked around 800 years ago.

Chinese experts hope to find rare hidden treasures in the cabins of the ship, which was been preserved in a special pool at the Marine Silk Road Museum in Yangjiang, Guangdong province, since it was recovered from the bottom of the South China Sea in 2007.

The plan, proposed by the Yangjiang government, won approval from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in May, said Feng Shaowen, director of the municipal publicity bureau.

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