Talks for a new museum featuring Phum Snay artefacts

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A Japanese archaeologist is in talks with the Cambodian government to set up a museum for the display of the artefacts unearthed at the pre-Angkoran site of Phum Snay. The excavation has already uncovered over 47 burials so far including the famous so-called “warrior women“.

Museum planned for ancient artefacts stored in Siem Reap
Phnom Penh Post, 07 May 2009
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More on the hobbit foots and hippo skulls

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Two papers published in nature last week lended more credence to the theory that the Indonesian Hobbit, homo floresiensis, is a separate species (for the reports of the two studies, read here). Here are some more news reports, videos and podcasts that have featured the latest hobbit studies.

Small Brain Of Dwarf ‘Hobbit’ Explained By Hippo’s Island Life

Science Daily, 08 May 2009

Science Friday Podcast: The Hobbit debate

Science Friday, 08 May 2009

“Hobbits” Not Good Runners; Proof of New Human Species?

National Geographic, 08 May 2009

Hippo’s island life helps explain dwarf hobbit (w/Video), 07 May 2009

Nature podcast: Mini Hippos and Mini Men
Nature, 07 May 2009

Indonesian ‘hobbit’ confirmed to be a new species

The Telegraph, 07 May 2009

Hobbits May Belong on New Branch of Our Family Tree
Wired Science, 06 May 2009

New structures unearthed at Bujang Valley

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The team Universiti Sains Malaysia excavating the protohistoric Bujang Valley complex have announced the discovery of new structures, as well as evidence for an as-yet-unidentified script. The circular foundation encircling a square base was pointed out by an earlier commenter here.

Cities of Gold II
photo credit: plassen

Need to rewrite history of Lembah Bujang
Universiti Sains Malaysia, 07 May 2009
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More evidence to point that the Hobbit is a new species

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The news is abuzz today as two papers published in this week’s Nature lend support to the theory that the Hobbit represents a new species. One study of the Hobbit’s foot reveals that while the hobbit was bipedal, it did not walk like humans and probably could not run very well. Another study compared the rate of dwarfism among an extinct species of hippos in Madagascar with those of the mainland, with special attention to brain size and found that it is possible for dwarf populations to evolve smaller brains, which means the same principle could be applied to the homo floresiensis. It should be noted though, the mainstream media’s hyping up the “Hobbit is a new species” tune. I certainly think the consensus is forming that way.

Insular dwarfism in hippos and a model for brain size reduction in Homo floresiensis
Nature, 07 May 2009

The foot of Homo floresiensis

Nature, 07 May 2009

Hobbits ‘are a separate species’
BBC, 06 May 2009

New analysis shows ‘hobbits’ couldn’t hustle, 06 May 2009

Hobbit foot, hippo skulls deepen ancestral mystery
Science News, 06 May 2009

‘Hobbits’ Couldn’t Hustle: Feet Of Homo Floresiensis Were Primitive But Not Pathological
Science Daily, 06 May 2009

Ancient ‘hobbit’ humans new species after all
AFP, 06 May 2009
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Indonesian Museum missing even more artefacts

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It seems that the Radya Pustaka Museum in central Java has even more artefacts missing, this time a set of ancient scrolls. The museum was in the news last year when it was discovered that some of its bronze statues were fakes that were replaced by antiquities dealers.

A Culture’s Heritage Facing Ruin And a Museum Unable to Save It
05 May 2009, Jakarta Globe
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Diorama of Maitum Jar finds opened in city hall

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The Maitum City Hall is hosting a special diorama featuring the anthrpomorphic jar finds from the area, in conjunction with the city’s 50th anniversary. The jars, first found in Ayub Cave, feature faces which are believed to contain the remains of the person whose likeness is on the jar. A second cache of jars was recovered last year from illegal antiquities dealers who were trying to smuggle the jars out of Maitum. The jars, dated between 5 BC and 225 AD, are quite unique and no similar examples have been discovered elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Philippines opens exhibit on Mindanao archeological finds
Mindanao Examiner, 05 May 2009

Maitum opens diorama of archaeological discovery
PIA Information Services, 05 May 2009
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