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The team Universiti Sains Malaysia excavating the protohistoric Bujang Valley complex have announced the discovery of new structures, as well as evidence for an as-yet-unidentified script. The circular foundation encircling a square base was pointed out by an earlier commenter here.

Cities of Gold II
photo credit: plassen

Need to rewrite history of Lembah Bujang
Universiti Sains Malaysia, 07 May 2009

Since February 2009, the research carried out by the excavation team from the Centre for Global Archaeological Research (PPAG), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), has discovered more evidence of the structure of the 3rd Century iron smelting site.

The latest discoveries from the excavation that began in February are expected to provide answers to various questions regarding the history of the PPAG excavation site at Sungai Batu, Lembah Bujang Kedah.

The Director of PPAG, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Saidin said that these crucial discoveries are expected to provide various historical facts including the function of the location, the influence of the government, activities and other facts since the 3rd century.

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