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Heritage conservationists are protesting over the parking of heavy machinery in the compound of a 17th-century chapel along the Malacca river. I’m not sure if the machinery are damaging the site in any way, but it seems like the cconservationists are arguing that the use of the chapel grounds as parking space for their piling machines show disrespect to the monument.

photo credit: Biyu

Official: Protect Malacca ruins
The Star, 07 April 2009

Heritage conservationists are upset over the lack of protection of the 17th Century Portuguese church ruins in Jalan Bunga Raya next to the Malacca River.

Although gazetted as a historical monument under the Antiquities Act 1976, the ruins have been left neglected with a piling machine used for the Malacca River beautification project parked in the compound.

The Ermida do Rosario or The Church of Rosary was a Portuguese chapel built on the site of the Church of St Lawrence.

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  1. Yeah, Malaysian dont really spend money to reverse this kind of heritage.. they cant get any profit out of it

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