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This late edition of rojak comes at the last hours of Wednesday (local time) because I was rushing for another deadline… it’s been a pretty news-filled week, with the standoff at Preah Vihear taking centre-stage. We’ll have some blogamentaries about it featured below, along with pictures from the royal funeral, tattoos, tradition and Google.

photo credit: RabunWarna

  • Last week we mentioned the royal cremation that happened in Ubud, Bali. Here are some of the spectacular pictures from this rare event, so rare that some richer members of the community were mummified so that their remains could be part of this ceremony
  • Alison in Cambodia reflects about the current standoff at Preah Vihear, which has to do more with nationalistic sentiment on both sides rather than any archaeological argument
  • Down under, it’s discovered that some Aboriginal tattoos resemble rock art… makes you wonder if there are any Southeast Asian analogues
  • Fausto Ramirez brings us some images from Angkor Wat, including the statue of Vishnu that may well have been the original icon of worship for the temple (in Spanish, I think)
  • I’ve been highlighting Preah Vihear news all week, but what do regular bloggers say? Tharum Bun highlights what Cambodian and Thai bloggers have to say about the ongoing dispute
  • Raja Iskandar writes about the role of adat (‘tradition that has become the norm’) in the role of Malay life and the Nobat
  • Bangkok Pundit gives a rundown of how the international media covered the Preah Vihear crisis
  • Put away the whip, Indiana Jones. All you need is a computer. Is there an easier way to find archaeological sites… using google?

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