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If you missed the Angkor Wat edition of Digging for the Truth, it turns out that there are clips of the entire episode on YouTube! I caught it today at the morning repeat – it was pretty ok, covering the major monuments of Angkor, along with footage from the Greater Angkor Project and Cambodian Martial Art.

[youtube OzR8lFXigko]

[youtube TstPiRKu6s4]

[youtube 4C7KEHAZFt4]

[youtube rjG5QYyiRN8]

[youtube s3UFpP-WeWw]

Get all you Angkor knowledge in these books:
Angkor Cities and Temples by C. Jaques
Khmer Civilization and Angkor by D. L. Snellgrove
Of Gods, Kings and Men: The Reliefs of Angkor Wat
Ancient Angkor (River Book Guides) by C. Jaques
Angkor and the Khmer Civilization (Ancient Peoples and Places) by M. D. Coe
Angkor: Cambodia’s Wondrous Khmer Temples, Fifth Edition by D. Rooney and P. Danford
The Civilization of Angkor by C. Higham
Ruins of Angkor

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