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09 August 2007 (CCTV International) – A follow-up from the return of the stolen apsara head reported last week, this story also has a video clip attached to it, although I haven’t been able to access it using firefox myself.

Cambodian artifact returns home

The U.S. government has returned a stolen sculpted head that belongs to Cambodia’s cultural heritage. The Angkor-era sculpture, is one of many artifacts that is stolen and smuggled out of the country every year.

The 2-kilogram artifact, is the sandstone head of an apsara, or a celestial dancer from the 12th century. It was smuggled out of Cambodia in violation of a 2003 bilateral agreement to protect Cambodia’s cultural heritage. The artifact was seized by U.S. law enforcement agents earlier this year.

Joseph A. Mussomeli, U.S. ambassador to Cambodia, said, “People talk a lot about the need for Khmer culture to be preserved but not enough is done so we’re very grateful and happy that our police and other law-enforcement agencies are focussed on this issue. We cannot really expect Cambodia to move ahead into the future if it doesn’t have enough understanding of its past

Read – and view – the story about the stolen apsara head.

For more books about the scultpure of Angkoran, look up:
Images of the Gods: Khmer Mythology in Cambodia, Laos & Thailand by V. Roveda
Temple Art Icons and Culture of India and South East Asia by K. V. Raman
Arts of Southeast Asia (World of Art) by F. Kerlogue
Art & Architecture of Cambodia (World of Art) by H. I. Jessup
Adoration and Glory: The Golden Age of Khmer Art by E. C. Bunker and D. Latchford
Narrative Sculpture and Literary Traditions in South and Southeast Asia (Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology) by J. Fontein and M. J. Klokke (Eds)
Khmer Mythology: Secrets Of Angkor Wat by V. Roveda
Apsarases at Angkor Wat, in Indian context by K. M. Srivastava

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