The Asia Research Institute (ARI) at the National University of Singapore is offering PhD research scholarships for anyone interested in researching Sumatran archaeology.

PhD Research Scholarships, NUS

The Asia Research Institute is pleased to offer Ph.D. research scholarships from August 2008 in the following interdisciplinary areas:






The PhD scholarship is to be taken up jointly with the appropriate discipline-based department. This would normally be with a department of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but where appropriate could also be with the Faculty of Law, School of Business or School of Design & Environment at the National University of Singapore.

The following interdisciplinary areas or “clusters” are offering scholarships:
1) The Migration Cluster (Research Leader: Professor Brenda Yeoh) explores the issues arising from increased levels of human mobility in the region, both within and across national borders. Mobility of high-level professional and managerial personnel, labour migration, both documented and undocumented, and human trafficking all raise theoretical and methodological questions and major policy issues, as does the role of migration in urban change.

2) The Religion and Globalisation Cluster (Research Leader: Professor Bryan Turner) explores the changing patterns of religious practice, belief and identity in recent times, particularly in Southeast Asia, China and South Asia. The title implies a particular interest in transnational and diasporic interactions, the engagement with modern technologies and values, and new global or ‘glocal’ forms of identity.

3) The Cultural Studies Cluster (Research Leader: Professor Chua Beng Huat) consciously challenges disciplinary boundaries to address new topics, issues and concerns thrown up by the rapid globalization of contemporary cultures. ARI is interested in new understandings of the everyday life cultural practices of contemporary Asia, as in adaptations of older patterns in literature, and the performing and graphic arts, in rapidly changing contemporary conditions.

4) The Southeast Asia-China Interactions Cluster (Research Leader: Professor Anthony Reid) will welcome students in two project areas: The Cold War in Asia, relating particularly to relations between the two Chinas (CCP and KMT) and the parties, movements and governments of Southeast Asia; and issues of heritage recovery and archaeology in Aceh and Sumatra more generally.

For more details, please visit the ARI website.

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8 Replies to “PhD Research scholarships for Sumatran heritage and archaeology”

  1. How to get PhD Research scholarships for Sumatran heritage and archaeology. I’m now 4 year of highschool and i like to study archeology.

  2. oooh, i must have missed out on this one… too bad it’s not exactly my field… will you let me know if and when you have something interesting for me?

  3. Yes , its a very interesting topic , will unfold many layers of cultural and social tranformation that took many ceturies to reach present stage.

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