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1 Dec 2006 (The Chosun Ilbo) – A Korean company, in conjunction with Dongguk University have digitally recreated Angkor Wat, and will be made public in mid-December. I’ll be looking out for the link to post here.

Korean Technology Helps Visualize Glory of Angkor Wat

The glory that was Angkor Wat has been restored to 3D digital life with the help of Korean technology. The digital recreation company CG WAVE and a research institute at Dongguk University dedicated to Buddhist electronic content have completed a one-year project to recreate the Khmer temple in western Cambodia at a cost of some W500 million (US$1=W930). Wars, colonial rule and the passage of time left many parts of the temple in ruins, and restoration work is continuous all over the vast complex. “Digital Angkor Wat” offers a glimpse of the temple in its original form.

Some 30,000 photos were used for the complete virtual restoration. “This is the first time we have used our technology to digitally restore a cultural asset of another nation,” says the leader of CG WAVE’s Angkor Wat team, senior researcher at Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology (KAIST) Park Jin-ho. “Using the maximum amount of information accessible these days as our foundation, we resurrected a lost cultural legacy and preserved it through video imaging.”

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