2 July 2006 (New Straits Times) – Researchers have set up a website on the entity formerly known as the Johor Bigfoot (now known as the Johor Hominid) with the aim of presenting their findings and arguments towards an existing, living hominid species in the jungles of Johor. Given that the current evidence is still tenuous at best, I’m not inclined to believe of the existence of the bigfoot/hominid yet. Stay tuned as developments come about!

Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid

A website set up by local researchers of the Johor Bigfoot has named the elusive giant biped as the Johor Hominid.

The johorhominid.org website stated the Johor Hominid phenomenon was probably the most significant and mind-shattering discovery in anthropology

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2 Replies to “Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid”

  1. This is getting more amusing by the day, especially with comments like “probably the most significant and mind-shattering discovery in anthropology”

    I just logged onto the official Johore hominid www, and in the first paragraph read “The only ape species, the binturong (Arctictis binturong) and the white-handed gibbon are also found here.”

    Since when has the binturong been an ape.,,,,, or is it another product of reverse evolution? A binturong is a civet. That whole paragraph is strange as they list relatively minor animals .

  2. Another posting……..


    Scientist: Johor’s bigfoots share human roots

    Jul 4, 06 10:57am

    Mysterious “Bigfoot” creatures said to be roaming Malaysian jungles are probably descended from humankind’s ancient African ancestor homo erectus, an environmentalist said.

    “The species probably evolved from ‘homo erectus’. It has evolved over time and is a
    distinct species specific to Malaysia,” said Vincent Chow, a member of the Malaysian
    Nature Society.

    Homo erectus is a species of hominid believed to be an ancestor of modern humans that
    existed about two million to 400,000 years ago.

    Chow, who has been lobbying the government to look into the the hairy man-like beasts,
    has ventured into the jungles of southern Johor state to look for the creatures.

    He said studying Malaysia’s “Bigfoots”, whose existence have never been proven, could
    shed new light on human evolution.

    “It could have evolved into a new species over thousands of years,” Chow told AFP. “It will
    revolutionise the way how we look at our origin.”

    Chow said his opinion was based on footprints and eye-witness accounts from indigenous
    people and loggers.

    Fear for survival

    He warned their survival was being threatened by deforestration.

    “I fear for its survival. It has lost its traditional home. Many parts of the jungle have been
    converted to palm oil estates,” he said.

    Sightings of the animals in Johor hit headlines last December and generated intense
    interest from international wildlife experts.

    The mythical ape-like creatures have been reported in wilderness areas all over the world.
    They are known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch” in the United States and Canada, and “yetis” in
    the Himalayas.

    Chow said the “Bigfoot” found in Malaysia was about seven to 12 feet (2.3 to four meters)
    tall and hunts wild boars and catches fish in the river.

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